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September 2017
As demand for good Eunos/MX5 Mk1s continues to grow, prices go from strength to strength as the stock of good cars continues to deplete. There are still plenty of tired and rusty examples seen on Ebay for sub-£1500, very close to scrapyard quality and sooner rather than later, these will disappear altogether and the 'lower it and stick a big wing on the back' brigade will move on to another manufacturer. Hopefully this will enable the MX5 to complete the transition from 'Just an old car' to 'a proper classic' and they'll end up in the hands of people able to look after them properly. At the other end of the spectrum from the tired cars mentioned above, I've noticed another issue. Some dealers - and plenty of MX5 owners - seem to think that any reasonably good MX5 is worth a fortune. I've been offered a few fairly average cars for seriously strong money. In my view, only really good cars will attract really good money but then again, I'm also hearing many stories of buyers actually achieving incredibly high prices for fairly average cars - especially for the more desirable models such as the R-Ltd, RS-Ltd and S-Ltd.

While we are still importing rust-free cars from Japan, we are doing so in much smaller numbers now. Prices are substantially higher in Japan now and a good rust-free freshly imported Eunos now starts at around £4750. The days of cheap MX5s/Eunos are definitely numbered.

As prices for good MK1s climbs, potential buyers have started looking at Mk2s instead. These are still available in huge numbers and are about as cheap as they'll ever get. However, rust is a major issue and arguably much worse than it ever was on a MK1. Even so a high spec rust-free MK2 is just superb to drive.

At long last, my own motorsport season has spluttered into life with my first event of the year being the Cross Border Speed Championship round at Forrestburn in June2017. My car ( a Mk2 RS 1.8) was as much fun to drive as ever but a few months away from competitive driving hasn't helped. The next round is at Kames at the end of July which I'm looking forwards to. My colleagues at AK Automotive are having a very busy season as they are running various cars in the 2017 MX5 Mk3 Supercup and are running multiple BRSCC Porsche Championship winner Richard Styrin for a full championship campaign as well as cars for Carl Garnett, David Henderson and Alex King. In the first round at Brands Hatch, AK Automotive-backed Jack Harding won one race and came second in the next two rounds, so a very good start to his championship campaign. Anthony from AK Automotive has been telling anyone who'll listen that the AK Automotive Ginetta G50 is seriously fast and he was proved right when Daniel Irving and Alan Henderson took pole at the recent Club Enduro series opening round at Snetterton and then proceeded to win the race by a healthy margin.

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