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September 2018

There have been lots of changes here at Goodwood Sportscars over the last few months. In partnership with the chaps who run AK Automotive, we have set up another car sales company: Woodside Cars. I have worked with AK Automotive for many years and we also run North East Imports ltd together and have imported hundreds of cars from Japan over the last few years. We decided that we would like to buy and sell the kind of cars that really interest us as car enthusiasts and this is working very well for us. It means I have less time to play with Mazda MX5s and as a result I'm increasingly careful about the quality of cars I get involved with. I simply don't have the time to get involved in horror story cars.

So it means less cars offered for sale from Goodwood Sportscars but hopefully some very interesting ones, all the same.

My involvement in the new business has meant less time to go motor racing in 2018 but hopefully 2019 will see me out on track again, probably in my Mazda MX5 RS.

As ever, I'm still using Facebook to give regular and quick news updates so please check out my pages on there: there are links on the 'Links' page here.